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Juna Amagara has been blessed to have hundreds of people come alongside us to sponsor children in our program. They trusted us when we said that, for $40.00 per month it is possible to save the life of an orphan child. They have watched their children grow into amazing, productive adults.

They will tell you they feel good helping a child without hope achieve his or her dreams because, after years of regular correspondence, child and sponsor know each other well. To the child, a sponsor is very much a caring parent. He or she may never meet the person who generously pays the fees for school or covers the expense of food and shelter, but the gratitude is there. It is deep. And will never be forgotten.

People who travel to Uganda to meet their sponsored child tell us it is one of the great joys of their lives. Think of it: you were a sick kid living on the streets with no future. Then someone far away chose you and has been sending funds for years to keep you in the program. From letters back and forth you know something about them as they know something about you. And now they have traveled thousands of miles to meet you. They are here. In person. With arms outstretched in love. The tears are real. The conversations are long. And suddenly $40.00 per month seems like a small price to pay for one beautiful human life.