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Every year dozens of Westerners of all ages travel to Uganda to visit Juna Amagara. Some come because they are curious. Some because they want to paint or dig or build. Some want to teach skills or academics. Some want to preach. Some come for the adventure. Whatever else they accomplish while they are here, every one leaves the country touched by the breathtaking scenery, humbled by the joyful hospitality and inspired by having seen God at work in what is truly a Christian country. Come to Uganda.

Click on our International Mission Team Travel Packet for answers to virtually all your travel questions. Then check back or contact us for scheduled missions and contacts to join any team.

Arrive with one team; depart with another. Stay two weeks or a year. We will meet you, welcome you and show you a world you have never known.

Upcoming Trips

Stay tuned for information on upcoming trips!