Juna Amagara Ministries
Saving Life in Uganda

Since 1980, the HIV/AIDS pandemic has killed more than one million parents in Uganda, leaving more than 1.5 million children vulnerable to the ravages of poverty and disease.  Nearly half of those children have been taken in by extended family or kind-hearted people.  But the rest, nearly 800,000 of them, have been left on their own.  In a country with no substantial welfare system this means that every day is a dangerous struggle for survival for children of all ages.  These are the children who come to Juna Amagara.  For the hopeless, there is hope through faith.  For the hungry, there is good food.  For the lonely there is loving family.  And, in time, those young, suffering kids become powerful, productive adults.  That is the miracle of Juna Amagara Ministries

The Mission and Vision of this Ministry

It is our mission to raise up vulnerable children in a loving environment and equip each of them with the tools they need to be confident, competent, Christ-centered leaders. By providing children with safe shelter, quality education, balanced nutrition, health education, faith training and vocational opportunity, we are launching a generation of Godly leaders who will be a force for positive change throughout Africa.  This may seem like a lofty goal but it already becoming reality.  Explore this website.  You will see God’s hand at work.


Latest Update


God brought Juna Amagara children to us. When our days or moments are riddled with anxiety, God consoles us with joy that these children share. Whether it is joy in our serving, our praying, or our giving, we are blessed!

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”I lost hope of studying, but for God’s grace and power, I entered Juna Amagara Ministries…”

These words come from one of many JAM student whose sponsorship funding has ended. For a little more than $1 per day, you can restore hope and continue education for this orphan or other students.

Please take time to read these letters, pray for these promising students, and consider sponsoring a child through Juna Amagara.

Read more: amagara.org/letters-from-home/
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🌲It's not too early to think Christmas for a Juna Amagara child! 🌲

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