Wish List

Our Wish List

The following are specific items needed by Juna Amagara Ministries to further its goals of “saving life” ministry. We appreciate all donations no matter how large or small. 

Finish Construction at Kishanje Highlands High School – $28,700 

Improvements at our only high school are underway. In national testing our secondary students consistently rank in the highest percentiles. Imagine how well they could do if their school was finished. Our goal is to open the completed school to our 300+ students in 2020. We just need your help to finish the work. 

General Ministry Purposes – $10,500 

Even though the exchange rate for Uganda favors the strengthening dollar, the cost of overhead in Uganda – salaries, insurance, travel and vehicle maintenance – continue to rise. These are not emotion-packed things to support but they are vital to the running of the ministry. Your donation to General Ministry Purposes is vital and most appreciated. 

Computer Stations at KHHS – $800 each 

Electricity has recently been installed by the government to this community, and the computer lab is finished at our high school. Our staff have requested 25 desktop computer stations to fill the lab so our students can learn technical skills to advance their education and best prepare them for the competitive job market. 

Support for Child Who Has Lost a Sponsor – $480 

No child is ever removed from the program even if the sponsor can no longer pay $40 per month but some people simply cannot continue their support. Therefore, we appeal to you to cover the cost of a child in the program for one year at $480 until a new sponsor can be assigned. Of special note are older kids – teenagers – who have only a few years left in the program. 

Medical Outreach – $2,750 

Supporting the HEAL Medical Center staff to bring vital medical services to outlying rural services where people may never have seen a doctor, we are seeking funds for transport, equipment, medicine, supplies and specialized personnel for four outreaches in 2019. 

Vocational/College Scholarships – up to $100/month for 3 years 

As jobs in Uganda are scarce and the competition is stiff, it is not easy to find employment without vocational skills or a college degree. Post high school training gives our kids that last step to a productive life. So far, this scholarship fund has yielded 55 college degrees and 12 vocational grads. We have 71 current students, 46 of them at university. Our college scholarship program is unique in Uganda. We have eager, qualified candidates waiting for your support right now. 

Scholarship Support for ABIDE – $8,000 

Our young people’s mentoring program, the Amagara Bible Institute of Discipleship and Evangelism (ABIDE) has just graduated another class of exceptional men and women. The program needs funding to continue operating at its current level and begin preparation for 2020. This donation will get the program off to a roaring start. ABIDE alumni are pitching in with time, teaching and some small funds. 

Discipleship and Evangelism – $5,000 

Always at the core of Juna Amagara, Discipleship and Evangelism are part of bringing up happy, motivated children in the love of Christ. This year, extra effort is being spent to enhance the faith lives of teachers, staff and student leaders. More community involvement and stronger fellowship help build a strong bond between children and community. Funds are for events, food and travel. 

Thank you for your generous support. You may donate on-line at www.amagara.org. Click the DONATION button. Or send checks to Juna Amagara Ministries, PO Box 2384, Glen Ellyn, IL 60138. Beside funds, we can always use your prayers. 

For more information, contact: 

Peggy Walding, Juna Amagara USA peggy.walding@amagara.org
Juna Amagara Ministries EIN 20-1708304  
PO Box 2384 Glen Ellyn, IL 60138 www.amagara.org info@amagara.org