We’d like to thank all who recently attended our 2018 Celebration Banquet. It was a beautiful testimony of how God is at work through in Uganda.
The night was full of laughter and cheers and more than 75% of attendees stood up as sponsors of Juna Amagara children. 
Isn’t that amazing?
Here is how Dr. Herbert Ainamani described how Juna Amagara Ministries meets all the needs of children in Uganda and how they grow into spectacular adults:
“Christianity is caught, not taught…In the next five years, we will see hundreds and hundreds of motivated, God-centered grownups in our society, bringing the light of Christ to thousands.That is the reality of the original vision of this ministry. We are doing a wonderful thing together.”
Take a few minutes to watch this video and hear about how God’s love has filled Herbert’s heart with love for the hurting of Uganda.
The Story of Herbert E. Ainamani, PhD
Thank you again for partnering with Juna Amagara Ministries and sharing the love of God with the hurting of Uganda!