October, 2012 – Earlier this year the Kishanje Learning Advancement Center (KLAC) was approved by the Uganda Ministry of Education as a testing facility for secondary school students.  This is a major achievement for the school as it means our students will not have to incur travel expenses and fees to undergo tests at other locations.  It also means students from around the district will now pay fees to KLAC for their testing.

In Uganda, it is necessary to pass a national exam in order to advance grade levels beyond primary school.  The testing also determines whether a student will follow “O” level (ordinary) education or “A” level (advanced).  Students feel enormous pressure and study for weeks before exam time.

The decision to gain approval for KLAC was as much strategic as it was practical.  Saving considerable expense and generating additional revenue just seemed like good stewardship of the facilities.  Preparation has been in place for more than nine months with new furniture in place, staff organization and materials preparation.  This week, with the dream becoming reality, the staff held a celebration where they showed up in their own graduation gowns – to inspire students and to relieve some of the pressure on students.  There is much joy in Kishanje this week and much hope for the success of students taking exams.