Juna Amagara operates primary and secondary schools in four communities. Why, you might ask, is an orphan care ministry in the business of running schools?  The simple answer is, if our kids are to get a good education in Uganda, we need to be the ones to give it to them.

Primary education to grade six is free to all children in Uganda. But nationwide there are too many children and too few teachers. Classes regularly have 75 or more
students in cramped rooms. Learning materials are scarce. Teachers are not well-paid.

We learned in 2006 that simply by tutoring students after school that they would rapidly rise to the top of their classes. Today, Juna Amagara schools teach mostly local children along with kids in the program because we have an excellent reputation. In national testing for both primary and secondary students, our schools consistently rank in the highest percentiles.

Besides quality education, there are two important by-products that come from operating our own schools. The first is that Juna Amagara kids almost forget they are orphans when they are mingled among the student body. Their self-identity is not as an orphan but as part of a community. And second, because non-program children pay fees to attend our schools, the operations are largely self-supporting.