Missionaries to the West

In his book The Next Christendom author Philip Jenkins observes that the places in the Southern hemisphere where missionaries began taking the message of Jesus Christ nearly 200 years ago are today the fastest growing, enthusiastic populations of believers. Throughout South America, Africa and Asia, the
numbers of people coming to Christ are staggering while, in the U.S., Europe and Russia, the numbers are dwindling.

We are seeing, Jenkins says, missionaries from the South returning the favor of missionaries of old, coming to re-evangelize the West. Juna Amagara is a
testimony to that trend and, after a decade of ministry, we have embraced our role as Missionaries to the West.

When ministry staff come from Uganda to spend time in the U.S., they freely share their faith with those they meet just as they would at home. They are invited to speak in schools, preach in churches and pray at home gatherings. Why? Because Christians in the PC-battered West are starving to meet Christ-centered people and hear the Word of God made relevant in everyday life.

It is refreshing. It is inspiring… and renewing. These are things that are discovered by Westerners who visit Uganda who tell us they can clearly see God at work in the way people’s lives are transformed. It is one of the things they love about the people and the place. They want to bring it home.

Your Missionaries to the West want that too. Becoming involved with Juna Amagara… sponsoring a child, raising support, inviting our people to meet and speak these are all things that will renew your faith and bring love to the world. CLICK HERE to schedule a speaker for your home gathering, church or