Medical Clinics

Juna Amagara did not start out to be a medical ministry. However, when we decided to open our first school, local officials specified that we were required to have health facilities on-site for the students. Once we went to the effort and expense of equipping and staffing a small clinic, it became clear we could use the clinic as a base to offer medical outreach to local communities.

Thus, recruiting local doctors, dentists and nurses, often working with visiting Americans, teams have gone out two or three times a year to service the needs of people who have no other access to health services.

In 2014, God answered hundreds of prayers at once when He brought us a donor who decided to fund a new, dedicated clinic building in the town of Rubanda. This is an area of enormous need for health services and is centrally located to a wide population. That clinic was dedicated in May, 2015. Upon opening, The Rubanda Medical Center became a model for providing health services in rural communities.

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