Joyful Evangelism

In Uganda, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ is called Joyful Evangelism. The process can take many forms. Schools are eager to have preachers and
visitors address students about the Christian faith and Jesus as Lord. In fact, regular chapels are a part of every child’s life at the Amagara Schools where the singing is loud and the praying is intense.

Very often the message is “Following Christ will save your life.” This was clearly evident during the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic where Christ followers shunned casual sex because most of those who did not died.

Juna Amagara holds regular rallies on university campuses speaking about building a quality of life with Jesus in your heart. And every year, in partnership with the Church of Uganda, Juna Amagara holds “Youth for Survival” Conferences throughout Uganda to give young people hope and steer them away from casual sexuality or drugs.

Visitors to Uganda are amazed at how receptive people are to the message and how easy it is to share one’s faith life. Evangelism is a key ingredient for
success in the Juna Amagara program.