Letters from Home

So many of the children who come to Juna Amagara schools have already lived difficult lives, having lost at least one parent and surviving in poor physical and spiritual conditions. As all children do, they have hopes and dreams, and it is devastating when a child loses his or her sponsorship. Juna Amagara recently received many letters from these students, in which they tell us about their tough family history, what an education has done for them, and how they see a future filled with hope and a life in Christ. Please take a moment to read these letters and pray for each child. We also ask you to consider a gift to Juna Amagara so we can extend the scholarships of these bright students. We are so grateful for you standing alongside these children as they reach for the stars, as they find a path of hope for their families, and as they grow deeper in their love for Christ.

Note that names and identification have been withheld for privacy purposes.

“My strength is God fearing because I have seen everything can be possible with God.”

”Before he died, my father had two wives…my mother was left with nothing.”

”I lost hope of studying, but for God’s grace and power, I entered Juna Amagara Ministries…”

”I am a senior five now with a combination in Geography, Fine Art, and Divinity and I want to be a teacher.”

”I have nowhere to get school fees and I like studying so much…I would wish to become a pilot.”

”I would love to be a journalist and a literature teacher in the future.”

”JAM has acted as my parent and a source of confidence throughout my studies.”

“I never had enough support from home since my father died and because my mother being sick, she cannot go to work.”

”I pray that I can become an accountant in my future and I hope that God will help me succeed through my studies.”

”I wish to take PEM which is Physics, Economics, and Math, so that I can become an engineer.”