"It is our mission to bring all the vulnerable children outside of the fence inside where safety and hope reside."

About – What Drives Us?

His name is Boaz. When he was seven, Boaz had been living in a family led by his 12 year-old brother because his parents had died and the extended family had taken in as many orphan kids as they could feed. The young boy and his brothers had shelter but needed to scrape every day for food.

There were no thoughts of school or any future beyond the next day. We found Boaz lethargic, with a runny nose, an aching stomach and rags for clothes. But within six months of joining Juna Amagara, Boaz was a healthy, smiling, high-energy boy who ran to school every day. Today, he has grown tall. Boaz is at University studying to be an engineer because, he says, “I want to use my skills to help other orphan children like me.”

Boaz is just one example of the transforming power of Juna Amagara and the value of one saved life. Once he graduates, Boaz will be a motivated, educated, confident man who will help lead his community and his country into a new era of peace and prosperity. The good news is there are 600 children with similar stories and passionate determination right behind him.

What drives us? We are here to build Heaven on Earth one child and one community at a time. It is happening today.