Village Bible Church of Sugar Grove, IL has fallen in love with the work in Uganda.  In 2010, they sent one team over for an extended stay.  This year, they are sending two teams plus three ladies who spent five weeks sewing for the Juna Amagara kids.  The group that arrived early August will spend two weeks traveling the entire country, speaking at Youth for Success Conferences organized in cooperation with various dioceses of the Church of Uganda.  “This is evangelism for youth,” said team leader Ralph Cervantes.  “We love it because it makes a difference in the lives of at-risk youth and they in turn bless us mightily.”

Here is a report from the sewing team; Lisa O’Brien holds a pair of pajamas made from fabric brought to Uganda for that purpose:

Lisa, Hayley, and I just finished our 5th week in Uganda.  This past week was spent in Kampala sewing with the Uganda team: Lilian, Florance, and Lydia.  It reminded us of the sewing party with our VBC women as we sewed  dresses for the  Kishanje orphan girls the week before we left for Uganda.  This time we were busy cutting, pinning, and sewing PJ’s and sports shorts for the children. Deb Mogel was a part of starting this project before we arrived and we continued on full speed.

One of the five days we were without electricity so we used our time cutting and pinning fabric.   As soon as the electricity came on we worked like crazy to make up for lost time.  We finished Saturday evening with nearly 100 PJ’s and 50 shorts for the children.  God blessed us richly as we shared in sweet fellowship with the Ugandan team as we sewed together.  His presence was felt each day as we prepared these gifts for the orphans.  Thanks for your prayers for electricity and health and safe travel; God granted them all.  – Linda Mallette

Thank you, Village Bible.  You are a blessing to this ministry.