Over the past few months, film maker Scott Stearns has been working with Juna Amagara to put together two videos that show the heart of the ministry.  They are presented here for your information and enjoyment.

Margaret Webb traveled to Uganda in November, 2009.  As a Masters-level Christian counselor, her perspective on the children she met, both in the program and outside of it, is moving… and illustrates why this ministry is so important.  SEE MARGARET’S VIDEO HERE

In March, 2010, Scott and crew filmed the Annual Juna Amagara Celebration Banquet held at the Hyatt Lodge in Oak Brook, IL.  If you attended, it will all seem very familiar.  If you did not, you will enjoy seeing the event and hearing the words of many people who have traveled to Uganda for Juna Amagara.  SEE THE BANQUET VIDEO HERE