Kishanje Village, Uganda – May, 2010 – This report was submitted by Donna Hacek, a microbiologist from Chicago upon returning from Uganda with a team of visitors. “The time has gone quickly and we are back on American soil. Amen ! The trip went extremely well and no one on the team got sick or bitten by any crawly things ! About 225 people were cared for by our team over the course of 3 full clinic days and 2 half days. We worked with 2 young Ugandan doctors and 1 Ugandan dentist MedMissJAM5-10who were an absolute blessing. The US team consisted of 3 nurses, an army medic, an xray tech (who played the role of dispensing pharmacy tech) and myself. We brought many bins of supplies and equipment. All efforts were directed by the 2 Ugandan nurses who run the clinic. A separate HIV screening clinic and a cervical cancer screening clinic also took place while we were there. We did not assist in these efforts but it was good to see them happening in Juna Amagara clinic space and the services can be offered. This team worked so hard, I couldn’t be more proud of them. Of course all are invited back and all said they are eager to return.”


Of particular significance in this medical mission is that the ministry has now attracted the attention of young Ugandan doctors and dentists who have agreed to return on a periodic basis to do examinations and mini-clinics. Besides treating over 200 people, there was much group instruction about dental hygiene, HIV testing and other issues. Kudos to Juna Amagara Nurse Brenda for orchestrating a highly productive visit.