April, 2010 – Kagyera Village, Uganda – It was a fierce game, played on a flat pitch surrounded by the hills and forests of Kishanje. Some of the players wore shoes, some not. There wasn’t a shin guard in sight. There were no lines on the field. The goals were sticks and a crosspiece. But the boys of Lee House and the boys of Dutki House played like wild men, as if the fate of the world rested on their performance. LeeTeamGroup-smThese were the finals of a tournament that began with a rotating set of games pitting the four houses of Kishanje Highlands Secondary School: Rotary, Mutebile, Dutki and Lee against each other for the first House Championship.


The first half ended nil to nil. Then, fortified with powdered glucose and with eyes on the newly arrived trophy, the Lee House team rallied to score two back-to-back goals in the first five minutes of the second half. Soon, Dutki house answered with two goals of their own, ending the game in tie. Five minutes of sudden-death overtime produced no new goals. In a shoot-out, two rounds of shots passed without score. Then, on the third round, the Lee goalie, wearing canvas work gloves, prevented a key shot to win the game. The crowd went crazy, singing and hollering, running over the hills in the dark and in the rain back to school.


So, congratulations to Lee House for winning the first Kishanje Highlands House Cup. And to the valiant fellows of Dutki House who played so hard along side them. And to the throngs of people who cheered them both to victory. See the victory video here.