Juna Amagara is delighted to be deeply involved with the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) Conference for 2015 in Nashville April 29-May 1.  Not only are we a sponsor of the event with an information booth and advertising, this year we have been invited to speak on a topic dear to our hearts:  How to Provide Adequate Health Care to Orphans in Remote Places.  The presentation is at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, May 1.  CAFO is the nation’s premier organization that brings churches and donors together with service providers operating around the world.

Our speakers at CAFO are Herbert Ainamani, Director of Juna Amagara Operations in Uganda and Dr. Gilbert Mateeka, Consulting Medical Director for the ministry and Managing Director of the largest hospital in Kabale, Uganda.  Together, these fellows will present the unique challenges and solutions to providing health care to vulnerable children in remote third world settings, offering a community-based approach to health awareness.  As an indigenous organization, Juna Amagara has the ability to work with local people in a culturally sensitive way to educate, treat and respond to people as neighbors.  This will be the major message: it takes a community of people watching out for each other, especially for the vulnerable ones among us.  Please join us at CAFO or request presentation materials.