March, 2010 – Oak Brook, IL – At the 6th Annual Juna Amagara Celebration Banquet, Jerry Webb announced that the ministry is CathyPetrick_2008-sm-crnow officially in partnership with Children’s HopeChest of Colorado Springs, CO (CHC). “CHC came to Juna Amagara because they were looking for people working effectively in-country to serve the needs of orphans,” Webb said. “They are a growing organization with orphan care in Russia, Zambia and Swaziland, more than 10,000 orphans in all. Working with CHC could easily double the number of orphans served by Juna Amagara in Uganda within one year.”


Doug Duffy, a long-time CHC board member said, “We are delighted to have found Juna Amagara and are highly impressed with the work done to date. As our CEO Tom Davis, author of Fields of The Fatherless, speaks around the country, many more people will become aware of the work that needs to be done in Uganda. We look forward to working with Ben and his people to save the lives of many, many more children.”


The final agreement comes after several months of discussion in Colorado Springs, Chicago and in Kampala, Uganda. Country Manager Joseph Elotu said, “We have examined the child management and financial policies of Juna Amagara here in Uganda and find them to be in order and surprisingly in synch with what we are doing elsewhere in the country. I think we will be able to bring much joy to the communities we serve.” (photo by Cathy Petrick)