Winfield, IL – March, 2011 – At the reconfigured Juna Amagara Annual Celebration Banquet in March, an enthusiastic group of ministry supporters, many of whom have traveled to Uganda, heard an update on the ministry from Rev. Ben Tumuheirwe.  “The children are doing well,” he said.  “The older they get, the more amazing they seem.  Our schools in Kishanje once again ranked among the highest in the district.  This has caused us to step up the construction now underway for a building to house and teach more students.  There is much new demand from parents who want to send students to our schools but we do not yet have room for them.  If anyone wants to donate funds for this project, we would be most grateful.  Such performance is not a fluke as the same tutoring methods are being used in Kamwenge with the results of our kids being consistently at the heads of their classes in public schools.

“In addition,” he added, “thanks to our partnership with Children’s Hope Chest, we have been able to serve a new village called Rubanda where we take care of more than 30 orphan children so far.

“The ministry is growing,” he said, “but we have a long way to go.  I urge you all to consider sponsoring one child or more before this night is through.”

Indeed, by the end of the evening, nine more children had found loving sponsors.  Our thanks and huge gratitude go to John and Sandy Fugate for welcoming so many of us into their home, and Sandy’s crew of moms and teens who cheerfully prepared and served food to all.