Juna Amagara is delighted to be deeply involved with the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) Conference for 2015 in Nashville April 29-May 1. Not only are we a sponsor of the event with an information booth and advertising, this year we have been invited to speak on a topic dear to our hearts: How to Provide Adequate Health Care to Orphans in Remote Places.
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Please join us for the 11th annual Juna Amagara Celebration Banquet at the Crowne Plaza Hotel of Glen Ellyn / Lombard on March 21, 2015. Once again, this is a chance to mingle with many, many people who love and support this ministry and the remarkable achievements it produces. Come browse the Sozo Crafts Market, check out the Doors of Opportunity - specific ways you can support the ministry. Enjoy a hosted bar and a delicious sit-down meal. Then listen as Brenda Ninsiima, the location manager for our Rubanda Community, shares about her life and the work she does. In lieu of a live auction for luxury goods, this year we will offer an auction-like program called Fund-A-Need where you can put your personal stamp on critical projects. Tickets are $75.00. Sponsor a table for $600.00 and invite your friends.
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We are pleased to announce that Sandy Fugate (left) and Cheryl Yates (right) were elected to the U.S. Board of Directors at the ministry’s meeting in January, 2015. Both are Chicago-area residents. Both are long-time friends of the ministry. Both have been to Uganda. Both sponsor children. And both have a passion for the ministry. We look forward to their wise counsel and also being involved with child sponsorship tasks and fundraising events.
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In late September 2014, people gathered in Uganda to locally celebrate the ministry’s first ten years of operation. In Mbarara, Guest of Honor Rev. Canon John Mulindabigwi prayed for the whole gathering. As someone instrumental in starting the ministry, he recounted the first days when he and Herbert Ainamani traveled through the countryside to pick the first 14 children who were suffering, to bring them to a new home with good food, a loving environment and the chance to go to school.

As part of the local steering committee, Rev. John was instrumental in finding land in Mbarara for Juna Amagara where the current Children’s Home and ABIDE House now stand. He praised the parents and the guardians and the staff and, most of all the children for their hard work. There was much eating and dancing, many poems and songs.
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September, 2014 - On a gray, rainy day in Rubanda, smiles and laughter lit up the town as a group of people from Juna Amagara and the community broke ground for the ministry’s first permanent HEAL medical clinic. Using traditional gardening mattocks, Rev. Dr. Ben Tumuheirwe, Board Member Julius Twesigye, local people including children, dug a hole that will become the first foundation wall. The local community, led by Norman Tushabe of Murole School, has pledged 10,000 bricks and volunteer labor for the project.

Juna Amagara has been providing health services to the communities in which it serves almost from the beginning of the ministry in 2004. The locations have varied as working spaces became available, or unaffordable. Personnel have come and gone, both paid and volunteer. Yet, with the help of visitors from the U.S., many medical teams have gone into the villages to treat patients, some who have lived with pain for decades.
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On March 8th, the ministry threw a great birthday party for itself at the Hotel Arista in Naperville, IL. More than 150 people came from as far away as Seattle, Washington and Newport Beach, California to help celebrate. Despy Bales of the Sozo store in Dekalb, IL set up several tables full of Ugandan crafts, many of which were made by the current class of women in ABIDE.

A video called “Ten Years of Blessings” was shown to give people an idea of the original vision and the amount of work both in Uganda and in the U.S. that has gone into saving the lives of orphan kids CLICK HERE to see the video. You will enjoy.
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July, 2012 - We now know how to take a plot of land with the personality of the Gobi Desert and turn it into a place of unbridled joy. All it takes is 120 men working ten hour days for six months laboring with hoes and hammers and pry bars, moving entire mountains, filling in craters, moving tons of earth and laying sod. And funds from kind and caring donors. It has happened here in Rubanda, Southwest Uganda East Africa.

On July 16th, the Murole Primary School dedicated its new soccer pitch with a brass band, a parade, a flushing toilet for visitors, prayers, native dancing, speeches and games, glorious games. CLICK HERE FOR A TERRIFIC VIDEO OF THE DAY
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October, 2012 - Earlier this year the Kishanje Learning Advancement Center (KLAC) was approved by the Uganda Ministry of Education as a testing facility for secondary school students. This is a major achievement for the school as it means our students will not have to incur travel expenses and fees to undergo tests at other locations. It also means students from around the district will now pay fees to KLAC for their testing.

In Uganda, it is necessary to pass a national exam in order to advance grade levels beyond primary school. The testing also determines whether a student will follow "O" level (ordinary) education or "A" level (advanced). Students feel enormous pressure and study for weeks before exam time.
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On July 15th, the Amagara Bible Institute of Discipleship and Evangelism (ABIDE) ministry of Juna Amagara graduated its fifth class of young men. As Director Matt Kehn said, “God is powerfully working in these graduates’ lives.

“Now a total of 59 students have successfully completed the intense six month residential discipleship program,” he said. “They testify to the transformation upon their lives through God’s work at ABIDE. Jonathan says ‘ABIDE is one of the best, if not the best thing that has happened to me in my life. I am a more confident and determined follower and servant of Jesus.’ This young man is now studying engineering at an elite engineering university in Japan on a full ride scholarship.
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Village Bible Church of Sugar Grove, IL has fallen in love with the work in Uganda. In 2010, they sent one team over for an extended stay. This year, they are sending two teams plus three ladies who spent five weeks sewing for the Juna Amagara kids. The group that arrived early August will spend two weeks traveling the entire country, speaking at Youth for Success Conferences organized in cooperation with various dioceses of the Church of Uganda. “This is evangelism for youth,” said team leader Ralph Cervantes. “We love it because it makes a difference in the lives of at-risk youth and they in turn bless us mightily."

Here is a report from the sewing team; Lisa O’Brien holds a pair of pajamas made from fabric brought to Uganda for that purpose:
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On Saturday, May 14, Rev. Ben Tumuheirwe became "Doctor Ben" when he was awarded a Doctor of Ministry degree at Trinity International University in Deerfield, IL. The culmination of seven years of work, this degree has brought joy to Ben's family, the staff of Juna Amagara and all the kids in the program. A special congratulations came from Rev.

Canon Benjamin Twinamaani as a representative of senior clergy for the Church of Uganda. Dr. Ben's dissertation entitled: "Motivating and Equipping Mission Trip Participants in Joyful Evangelism" was undertaken with input, research and surveys taken from the many mission teams that have visited Uganda.
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Rubanda, Uganda - The Juna Amagara Orphan Care Center here has been open for only three months, but at its first Ministry Day on March 19, 2011, Operations Manager Herbert Ainamani gathered together some 25 children and care takers to report on the great progress being made. Part of the day included a Bible study taken from the book of Luke 9; 48-50: “...for he who is least among you all will be great” which was to encourage them, the children that in whatever situation they are in, they should learn to give God the glory because every situation comes wi blessing behind.

Immediately after the bible study the children were given three (3) pencils each in the pre primary section (Nursery –P.2) and those primary sections (P.3-P.4) were also given two (2) pens above that to prepare themselves for the end of term exams.
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Winfield, IL – March, 2011 – At the reconfigured Juna Amagara Annual Celebration Banquet in March, an enthusiastic group of ministry supporters, many of whom have traveled to Uganda, heard an update on the ministry from Rev. Ben Tumuheirwe. “The children are doing well,” he said. “The older they get, the more amazing they seem.

Our schools in Kishanje once again ranked among the highest in the district. This has caused us to step up the construction now underway for a building to house and teach more students. There is much new demand from parents who want to send students to our schools but we do not yet have room for them. If anyone wants to donate funds for this project, we would be most grateful. Such performance is not a fluke as the same tutoring methods are being used in Kamwenge with the results of our kids being consistently at the heads of their classes in public schools.
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Over the past few months, film maker Scott Stearns has been working with Juna Amagara to put together two videos that show the heart of the ministry. They are presented here for your information and enjoyment.

Margaret Webb traveled to Uganda in November, 2009. As a Masters-level Christian counselor, her perspective on the children she met, both in the program and outside of it, is moving… and illustrates why this ministry is so important. SEE MARGARET’S VIDEO HERE
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Kishanje Village, Uganda - May, 2010 - This report was submitted by Donna Hacek, a microbiologist from Chicago upon returning from Uganda with a team of visitors. "The time has gone quickly and we are back on American soil. Amen ! The trip went extremely well and no one on the team got sick or bitten by any crawly things ! About 225 people were cared for by our team over the course of 3 full clinic days and 2 half days. We worked with 2 young Ugandan doctors and 1 Ugandan dentist MedMissJAM5-10who were an absolute blessing. The US team consisted of 3 nurses, an army medic, an xray tech (who played the role of dispensing pharmacy tech) and myself. We brought many bins of supplies and equipment. All efforts were directed by the 2 Ugandan nurses who run the clinic. A separate HIV screening clinic and a cervical cancer screening clinic also took place while we were there. We did not assist in these efforts but it was good to see them happening in Juna Amagara clinic space and the services can be offered.
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April, 2010 - Kagyera Village, Uganda - It was a fierce game, played on a flat pitch surrounded by the hills and forests of Kishanje. Some of the players wore shoes, some not. There wasn’t a shin guard in sight. There were no lines on the field. The goals were sticks and a crosspiece. But the boys of Lee House and the boys of Dutki House played like wild men, as if the fate of the world rested on their performance. LeeTeamGroup-smThese were the finals of a tournament that began with a rotating set of games pitting the four houses of Kishanje Highlands Secondary School: Rotary, Mutebile, Dutki and Lee against each other for the first House Championship.

The first half ended nil to nil. Then, fortified with powdered glucose and with eyes on the newly arrived trophy, the Lee House team rallied to score two back-to-back goals in the first five minutes of the second half.
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March, 2010 - Oak Brook, IL - At the 6th Annual Juna Amagara Celebration Banquet, Jerry Webb announced that the ministry is CathyPetrick_2008-sm-crnow officially in partnership with Children's HopeChest of Colorado Springs, CO (CHC). "CHC came to Juna Amagara because they were looking for people working effectively in-country to serve the needs of orphans," Webb said. "They are a growing organization with orphan care in Russia, Zambia and Swaziland, more than 10,000 orphans in all. Working with CHC could easily double the number of orphans served by Juna Amagara in Uganda within one year."

Doug Duffy, a long-time CHC board member said, "We are delighted to have found Juna Amagara and are highly impressed with the work done to date. As our CEO Tom Davis, author of Fields of The Fatherless, speaks around the country, many more people will become aware of the work that needs to be done in Uganda.
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January, 2010 -- Ben Tumuheirwe proudly reports there was special celebration of all stakeholders, parents, guardians, local government leaders and pupils when the National Primary Leaving Examination results showed that kids graduating from our New Times Primary School at KLAC were the best in UGSchoolbookRubanda County, with the lead graduates having scores comparable to those of the best schools in all of Uganda. This is an outstanding achievement for a school that is only two years old. Clearly, the leaders and teachers in Kishanje are doing something right.

For 15 years, Uganda has had a program of Universal Primary Education where virtually every child can go to primary school for free through sixth grade. To progress beyond primary, students must take qualifying exams and once in secondary school, must pass year-end exams to progress to the next level.
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Now you can become a friend on Facebook as one of the Supporters of Juna Amagara. Feel free to comment on the ministry, or offer your thoughts and experiences. Click HERE to visit our Facebook page.
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November, 2009 - It is just one of the grim realities of the AIDS era – parents die and leave kids behind. If there is no extended family and if no good-hearted soul comes along to take care of them, they have no choice but to take care of themselves. In most cases, everyone in the family works to survive - hauling water, breaking rocks, tilling the soil, herding goats... and there is no time for school. Hard labor may yielCHFkids2-smd one meal a day.

For a fortunate few and thanks to generous sponsors from America, 11 kids in primary school and 8 kids in secondary school have found their way into the Juna Amagara program. They go to school. They get one hot meal a day. They inspire their brothers and sisters. They have hope for the future. These are the most at-risk children in the district – and they are also the best students, for they know, if they can get a good education, they can provide for their brothers and sisters.
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November, 2009 - It has only been three years since the women of Kishanje began weaving again. The grandmas had lived through nearly 40 years of famine and rebellion and disease. They had watched their children die of AIDS. And, at an agBasketmaker-cr-sme when they should be the ones being cared for, they found themselves returned to active duty taking care of their grandchildren. If they were in the US, they would have been diagnosed as clinically depressed. Their focus was on survival. But when Juna Amagara began taking kids into an after-school program and then brought construction work for the Learning Center, and then started a secondary school, things brightened up considerably.
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Kishanje, Uganda - December, 2008 - It could have been any graduation with caps and gowns, inspirational speeches, diplomas handedKLAC Grads out with congratulations, group photos, proud teary-eyed parents and giddy grads, but this was not an ordinary graduation. These were the first 15 graduates from the Kishanje Learning Advancement Center Vocational School in Southwest Uganda.

In 2006, these young women took advantage of the first opportunity ever available to them to learn sewing and knitting skills. The women began by sharing one sewing machine in a small room. Classes were scheduled around planting and harvesting. Materials were in short supply so practice dresses and shirts were made out of paper bags.
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