Juna Amagara Ministries

The mission of this ministry is to raise up and equip children in Uganda with the tools they need to become leaders within their community.  It is our vision to empower their personal and spiritual growth by providing children with safe shelter, quality education, balanced nutrition, health education and vocational training.

A Ministry of Hope for AIDS Orphans in Uganda

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Housing in a Christian Family

Superior Education


The HIV/AIDS epidemic is destroying families and entire cultures throughout Africa.  But in Uganda, there is hope. This East African Republic long ago built a coalition of government, churches and schools that has worked to dramatically slow the spread of HIV/AIDS and offer relief to infected victims. More than a million people have died here since the disease began, leaving over 1.5 million children without parents. Though Ugandans have taken in more than 700,000 orphans as their own children, some 800,000 are left to care for themselves. Juna Amagara Ministries was founded in 2004 to help these children grow in Christ to become healthy, productive members of society. Juna Amagara means "Saving Life."


Skills and Leadership Training
Discipleship and Practical Evangelism